meet taylor

Welcome to taylor made! I'm taylor bee.

I'm a Richmond, Virginia native in my mid 20s currently living in a tiny rowhome in Baltimore, Maryland with my fiancé, Ryan, and our crazy dog-like cat, Rafa.

taylor made is a blog that chronicles my efforts to live a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life despite a hectic schedule, competing responsibilities, deadlines, and a grad student income. Currently working towards my doctorate in clinical psychology, I work long hours, wear multiple hats, and have a never-ending workload -- but I truly love what I do. When I'm not working, I love to cook, exercise, do yoga, try new foods, beers, and wines, go out to eat, read, craft, and spend time with friends. 

On taylor made, I primarily share recipes that I create in my tiny kitchen through trial and error. I am certainly no culinary expert or chef, just someone who enjoys cooking, experimenting, and sharing ideas with others. I prefer to cook healthy, clean, well-balanced, and natural meals focused around protein, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, vitamins & nutrients -- without sacrificing flavor or deliciousness! Eating clean improves so many aspects of my life -- body, mind, and spirit. I think if everyone ate this way... the world would be a better place :) In addition to recipes, I share workouts (I'm an ex-group exercise instructor and fitness lover), ideas and inspiration for healthy living, and even the occasional DIY project. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Taylor! Just had a chance to look around your blog. It's great! I love the variety of your posts and especially your recipes.

    I also work in psych :) Be in touch lady!

  2. Thanks for the recipes- my husband is always asking for the red Thai stew!



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