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Hola! Obvious update: the wedding and honeymoon happened! And now.... Ryan and I are officially a married couple. Woohoo! That was the point of it all, right? I will spare you my hundreds of pictures and all of the details because I could literally write 18 pages about how amazing those 2 weeks were. But how about I share jusssst a bit? Skip over this post if you're just here for food ;)

To start, the wedding was the most special, intimate, fun, full-of-love day I could ever imagine. Everything went smoothly, the weather was perfect, and our expectations for the day were far exceeded. It was, to be cliche (but honest), the best day of my life. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the "first look" and ceremony.

Then, the honeymoon. Ahhhh, the honeymoon. There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the beauty of Anguilla. We truly lived it up for 10 days... ate and drank like royalty, spent 10 hours on the beach most days, took boat rides and island-hopped and went for long walks... and most of all, relished our first vacation as husband and wife. Poifection.

Phew. An unforgettable and magical 2 weeks, that's for sure! And now? We're married! It feels AWESOME to be here now, at this part. We enjoyed the wedding and honeymoon beyond belief, but now we get to just be. Not get married, but be married. No more planning, no more coordinating, no more anticipating how the actual wedding day will go. Just living! As a married couple! That's a good feeling.
all wedding photos by PJ Schlobohm 


  1. Gorgeous!! Love the dress, the sweet wedding, and the honeymoon! Makes me want to get married all over again :) Feel free to share as many pictures as you want!

  2. gorgeous!!! So happy I could be a part of your amazing wedding and wish I could have joined for the honeymoon :) How beautiful!



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