here we go!

Hi friends! I know I've been totally MIA lately, but I DO have an excuse!

I'm getting MARRIED this weekend. That handsome guy who I'm lucky enough to call my partner in life is going to officially become my HUSBAND.

Yep. It's happening, and we couldn't be more excited! Getting through these last couple of weeks of work and school and everything has been a challenge (i.e., focusing has not really happened), but now we've finally just about made it. 

Life has been more than a little crazy over the last few months trying to work 13-14 hour days while also planning a wedding. Hectic, busy, exciting, and exhausting. Not gonna lie, at this point we are ready to just get married and BE married. Oh, and to kick it off in this paradise for 10 days:

That time is finally here! So, needless to say, I will continue to be MIA for a few weeks. I'll be practicing some serious mindfulness on our honeymoon... we plan to make all efforts to unplug and soak in the present moment. We've been waiting on this trip for years (literally), so all we want is to just truly enjoy it as husband and wife. I get giddy thinking about everything that has gone into these coming experiences and getting a chance to really celebrate our love in the best way possible. As a MARRIED couple! Awwww! Okay, I am so wrapped up in love land right now that I better just go before I get truly sappy. 

Be back in June, when life will calm down a bit and I can get back to this little blog (that I've truly missed!) 

Here we go!


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