HIIT treadmill workout

This weekend can be best described with one word: overindulgence. Friday night, we went out to dinner in Little Italy and had pizza bianca and cannolis...mmm. We were in the area, and it's never okay to miss out on an opportunity to eat in Little Italy, so we went to our favorite little Italian deli, Isabella's, followed by the best Italian dessert place ever, Vaccaro's.

Last night, we had some good friends come to visit, so naturally we took them to our favorite burger place (Abbey Burger -- must try if you're in Baltimore!), where we ate too much greasy food and drank too many beers.

And of course, today is Superbowl Sunday, which MUST involve delicious, unhealthy food; at least, in my book. I'm making an indulgent treat for dinner (part of which is already in the crockpot and smelling amazing) that I can't WAIT to share the recipe for. Stay tuned! 

So, in sum... overindulgence. And I'm totally okay with that sometimes -- it's been worth it! BUT, when eating like this, I must find time to get a couple of workouts in to balance it out a bit. Yesterday I did an awesome high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout followed by 30 minutes of squats, lunges, and weight training. Today, I'm going to repeat this HIIT treadmill workout before stuffing my face during the game. Hey, I do what I can! 

I wanted to share this super challenging workout with you all and challenge you to try it. I actually prefer HIIT over steady jogging/running, because it's not boring. You're changing things up frequently, really pushing yourself, sweating, listening to some good tunes (I recommend Rihanna pandora station) -- basically, feeling like a badass. Plus, research has shown that HIIT burns fat at a higher rate than steady aerobic exercise, and produces similar health benefits to a longer, steady aerobic exercise. So you can accomplish more in less time -- always a plus. Additionally, it's been shown that HIIT improves athletic performance and leads to higher resting metabolic rate in the hours following exercise (so, more calories burned even when you're done working out). Basically, HIIT is awesome! Challenge yourself and give this workout a try. Of course, tailor it to your own fitness level if needed. 

Let me know how it goes! Then, enjoy your Superbowl feast.

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  1. well I did things sort of backwards since I've been overindulging with NO exercising to balance it out at all, but I'll put this on my 'to do' list. I'm kind of freaking out since I have cancelled my gym membership for now so I currently have no treadmill to use...but... I'll find a way :)



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