cooking, interrupted.

So last night, a random Monday evening, I was in the middle of preparing a deliciously awesome dinner (that includes bacon.... promise to share tomorrow), when my cooking got interrupted by something even better than bacon...

Yep, Ryan proposed to me and... WE'RE ENGAGED!!! I was so not expecting it to happen last night and was completely taken aback. The proposal was private, intimate, simple, and honestly the most special, emotional, happiest moment of my life -- a perfect fit for me, him, and our relationship.

I can't describe how happy and excited we are, but needless to say, it was the best Monday night EVER. After the proposal (and frantically/excitedly calling family and friends), we went to Wine Market for dinner, which was absolutely amazing in every way, from the food to the champagne to the nearly-empty, cozy environment -- yay for Monday proposals! Of course the night included delicious food... I got lobster salad (although I was almost too excited to eat) and Ryan got sirloin with roasted root vegetables (he can always eat).

I'll be back tomorrow to share a delicious recipe that will forever hold a place in my heart as the "meal that got rudely awesomely interrupted by a marriage proposal." For now, here are some pictures of our night!


  1. awesomely cute post! huge huge huge huge congrats!!! :) and the food looks delish, can't wait to check the place out!

  2. my FAVORITE post of all time!!! CONGRATULATIONS, my dear - what a perfect evening and what a fun story it will be to tell your kiddos (someday!!) ;)