post numero uno

Welcome to the blog that I've finally gotten around to creating! I've tossed around the idea of starting a blog for some time now, but it took a while to actually take the leap for several reasons. And since I'm a freak who loves lists (might as well throw that out there at the beginning), here's the pros and cons list I've been juggling:

Reasons for starting a blog:
1) I love to write! Always have, always will.
2) I think I have unique things to share - when I get comments on my Instagram pictures (@taylor_beee) requesting recipes (when I usually don't cook from a recipe), it really makes me want to have a place to share.
3) I love reading blogs, and it would be nice to become *one of them*
4) I'm sure it will be a nice distraction from things like work & studying :)
5) I live in a different state than many of my family and friends, so it's a good way too keep them updated (hi mom!)

Reasons against starting a blog:
1) Time! As it is, I juggle a lot too much and usually work 50-60 hours/week between grad school, my research job, my clinical job, homework, my own research, etc... so do I want to add something else? I really didn't want to start a blog unless I was sure I could keep up with it, so this was a tough one.
2) Do I really have unique things to share? There are millions of blogs out there, and it's hard to know whether mine will really add anything special to the blogiverse.
3) I take my photos with an iPhone - - So, while I admire blogs with great photography, I just have to accept that I won't be one of them.
4) On the same line as #2, does anyone really want to read what I have to say? I am sure this is a fear that many new bloggers have, and I still don't have an answer. I have no plans to become a super popular blogger, and that's really not important to me. But... it would be nice to be speaking to someone :)

So, although there were hesitations, it's clear which side I ended up on, right? It's official. Welcome to taylor made! I'm excited to share recipes, tips for juggling a hectic schedule, DIY projects, cooking tips, stories, pictures, healthy-living ideas, and whatever else comes to mind/y'all want to hear! Please don't be shy about requesting posts or recipes, or just letting me know you're there.


  1. Taylor... Hi!! You are such a fabulous writer! This is great and very fun. WOW... so impressed :-) looks delicious.
    Love, Ms Hughes... seems like its been such a long time. Tell your mom hello for me and wish you the best in grad school !

    1. It's great to hear from you Ms Hughes! Thanks for the sweet message, I'm glad to know you're reading :) Hope all is well, and I will tell my mom hello!



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