DIY spring wreath

January, February, and March easily make up the worst quarter of the year. Not to be a debbie downer or anything, but this stretch of winter just doesn't have all that much to offer - the fun of the holidays is over, and we're left with nothing but freezing days, long weeks, and a sun that goes down at 5pm. Oh, and no sign of vacation until summer. Woof. So I don't know about you, but I eagerly await everything spring has to offer... blooming flowers, warmer weather, grilling out, dresses, sandals, spring vegetables, eating dinner on the patio. And maybe I'm a little too eager for spring... this could explain why I already changed out our holiday greenery wreath to this bright spring-y one.

Too soon?

Maybe. But that's okay. It makes me happy.

This wreath was a simple, inexpensive DIY project that's easily customizable -- any colors or flowers could work. I'm sure you already know that wreaths like this are all over pinterest. I was first inspired by this one two summers ago:

(from here)

So when we first moved in to our rowhome, I made this cute little wreath:

I wasn't itching to put this one back up this spring though. It's cute, but a little too small and bare. We needed something a little brighter to go with our now cheery green front door. And I recently saw another pin that caught my eye:

(from here)

I loved the hydrangeas and bright splash of color, but wanted to stick with numbers rather than an initial (we have different last names in this house so that wouldn't work). Plus, I already had the wooden numbers for our address. So, off to Michael's! I grabbed a coupon and picked up a bigger plain wreath, 3 cream hydrangea stems, and 1 blue/periwinkle hydrangea stem. I took the wooden numbers, which had really faded in the sun, off the old wreath. I gathered everything together: the flowers, the wreath, the numbers, a glue gun, and scissors. I also ended up needing a wire cutter for the flowers and paint for the letters.

First, using scissors and/or a wire cutter, cut the stems off of the flowers, leaving about 1 inch of stem/wire to stick into the wreath. You may also want the leaves, so cut those off too. 

Play with arrangements until you decide how you want it. I ended up with this:

Then, decide how you want to paint your numbers. I couldn't decide if I wanted mine to be a clean white or a blue-ish color like the flowers... I ended up painting the fronts white and the edges tealish/blue to pick up the colors from the blue hydrangeas. First, choose and mix your paint colors:

And paint! I painted the tops white first, then let dry for about an hour. Then, I carefully painted the edges with my blue color. 

Let the numbers sit until they're dry - at least an hour. Then, it's time to hot glue everything to the wreath. For the flowers, you'll stick the bit of wire that's left into the wreath, which almost allows it to stay on it's own. But you want to reinforce it with some hot glue. Press glue onto the part of the wire that will go into the wreath:

Then stick onto the wreath into it's predetermined spot:

Repeat with the other flowers.

Next, glue the wooden numbers on. Carefully lay each number where you want it to go, then begin glueing. Squeeze a line of hot glue on every surface of the back of the number, then press. Repeat for each number. 

Let the wreath sit inside for a couple of hours so the glue can dry fully. Then it's ready to hang!

I love how the blue hydrangeas have a bit of green that the door picks up, and how the teal edges of the numbers make them a little more dynamic.  

Cute, right? And easy!

It's already feeling like spring is closer :)

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  1. oooh lovely!!! You make it look easy - so easy that you can make me one if you want ;) Seriously, I guess I will try this even though I'm a non-crafter.

  2. This is super cute!!! Nice work! I love the blue and white, too.

  3. I love the use of your house number on the wreath! I always just put an initial. Very cute!
    - Bonnie

  4. You're wreath is totally cute. I recently made one kind of like yours. Nice work!

    I love how spring is in the air (at least for a lot of people...maybe not those still getting massive amounts of snow). I've been working on a bunch of diy spring projects. I just posted my first one which is a Spring Monogram Wreath. It's super easy to make, takes less than 20 minutes and certainly adds beauty to wherever it's placed. Check it out at: http://thehousecandy.com/spring-monogram-wreath/

    I apologize for my photography skills or lack there of...I'm trying though, ugh! I clearly need some pointers. If you have any you want to share, please share them in the comments of this post: http://thehousecandy.com/nikon-j1/

    I would certainly appreciate it! Happy Spring everyone! :)

  5. FYI....the cream and pink wreath is the one I sold on Etsy. If you make this be careful using hot glue. In the summer if your door faces the sun it melts and your numbers/letter will fall off!

  6. I love this idea! I wanted the large wooden Monogram letter, but it cost almost $40. This idea is cuter and much more in my price range!

  7. Just curious-- what size wreath did you use?



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